SCULPTING IN TIME by TARKOVSKY: this book influenced deeply my relationship to my work. it made me pay even more respect to what i do. during the time of the production to WESTERNIZATION COMPLETED until this day. its with me. a quote of strong meaning to me: "when i speak of poetry i am not thinking of it as a genre. poetry is an awareness of the world, a particular way of relating to reality. so poetry becomes a philosophy to guide a man through life" of course i got angry that it says MAN. since i am a lady. but thats just usual ignorance of man. especially dead man should be forgiven. maybe it was the translator. R.I.P comrade tarkovski. i dedicated a song to him on the AGF/DELAY - EXPLODE record - its called: from morning on. the words are sampled from a poem of his father i read on this books page 123. since i speak russian i can read it in original language. i am thinking of a remake. listen to FROM MORNING ON