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english version AIRLOG_e made by Kiyoshi Maeda

Brucknerhaus at Ars Electronica 2004. My first time to see and hear AGF. At first her music sounded pretty straightforward, but gradually I started to get a strange feeling, down to the pores of my skin. Her physical voice flows down from the speakers, painting the intervals of digital sound. Her modulated voice was suppressed to the extreme. Iíve never heard a magical spell, but it was like an incantation − something like a moist mist climbing up from below my feet. Ever since, Iíve been captivated by her voice and performance.

One of the reasons for visiting Berlin was to meet her. Sheís been with motherhood busy since Lumi was born, and I was able to spend just 1.5 hours talking with her. The AGF who I saw in Berlin was more natural than the person I saw in Ars or Tokyo.