making a change. in the logic of my life......human and artistic learnings, while quote: Andrei Tarkovsky:
I always admired those medieval Japanese artists ...

at the peak of their fame, they would change their entire lives by going off to a new place to start working again
under a different name and in another style

dislocation of techno. real silence in the ocean?

how will my music evolve, can it stand the distance to mainland Europe and solitude in sand dunes?

"all around we can witness a loss of purpose and meaning, values, and prospects, and an increased isolation
from nature - all very self-destructive tendencies"
quote Stanislav Grof in an interview to the Russian magazine DE ISUMMERY

also reading Pentti Linkola: radical thoughts to agree with
but then I feel sad that a strong and wise man,
suggesting that war is good cause it decreases population
or any other killing human life for survival of some of them!
How cold is his heart ? re: Arno Gruen on EMPATHY
or is he just provocating, to cut through indifference

200 years ago, simple living: rediscovered WALDEN by Henry David Thoreau