I played a beautiful cathedral, had a chance to see Peter Greenaway's Tulser looper the night before in the same space, it left me overwhelmed with visual imagery, uncomfortable after-taste about the maker of one of my favorite movie and trashed ears.

I enjoy playing churches, particular the sound scape and architecture of how frequencies travel! as well as I appreciate the fact of planting some female anarchist prayer to man dominated locations.

I was again the only female artist booked at the entire festival, the curators complained lack of good projects available. I held a lecture about language and sound and saw nearly all performances, The festival was great organized, perfect size, humble open audience and impressive line up, great curatorial work to receive audiovisual art !!!

After Greenaway's 1000 images per minute massacre I decided to show only one image per minute and played beatless and slow, dropping poetry occasionally.

Thanks to Fran and Chus and super to meet whitee and tisha (thanks for the pics) and hang with raster noton crew and travel with cimatics

single words seem to say more than many

my dragons are still flying