A Deep Mysterious Tone
AGF & Various
feat. Tujiko Noriko, - Kyoka, - Ryoko Akama, - Yu Kawabata and Misumi Mizumi

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A Deep Mysterious Tone is the third edition in AGFs poetry series, following Gedichterbe [German/2010] and Kuuntele [Finnish/2013]. The series investigates the history of poetry in one particular language from a female perspective. Via current music and sound art practices the poems are reimagined in a 21st century context.

#newwoman from Antye Greie-Ripatti on Vimeo.

Twelve Japanese poets were selected for this issue. Three poets date from the Heian period (794-1185slash1192) and the rest are from the Meiji Restoration (when closed Japan finally opened up to the world, starting in 1868) and after. In addition to the Japanese language poets, one piece features the sound of the Ainu, the indigenous people of northern Japan. These primarily female stories were interpreted by AGF and her contemporaries Kyoka, Tujiko Noriko, Yu Kawabata and Ryoko Akama, fellow artists and producers she got to know at various music festivals in Europe. The only living poet here is Misumi Mizuki, who reads her work herself.


1 State of Ainu: Dance
2 Yosano Akiko (1878-1942) - Admidst the Notes - AGF
3 Ito Noe (1895 - 1923) - The Rock and The Rock - feat. Ryoko Akama
4 Izumi Shikibu (976-?) - Yugure Wa - feat. with Kyoka
5 For Kaneko Fumiko (1903-1926)
6 Hiratsuka Raicho (1886-1971) - I am - New Woman - feat. Tujiko Noriko
7 Kurahara Shinjiro (1889-1965) - A Secret Code - AGF
8 The Lady Ki (around 1100) - Oto - feat. Yu Kawabata
9 Tsuboi Shigeji (1897-1975) - River of Ice - AGF
10 Misumi Mizuki (1981) - Complicity - feat. Misumi Mizuki
11 Crows of Sapporro
12 Ibaraki Noriko (1926-2006) - If I Could - AGF
13 Muro Saisei (1889-1962) - Falling - AGF
14 a/b Tanka & Haiku
15 Ono no Komachi (825-900) - Ono - AGF [in dedication to Yoko Ono]


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