limited edition 500 mini 3 inch cds

one subject

this is about the "two things in life that are dependable:
the delights of the reality and the delights of art"

and how they can be melted into one.

traditional sound making techniques

use logic. as an experimental canvas.

bizarre re-invention

there is sound-within-sound

birds song lyrics

digital melodies rolling across the bottom of the track

bleeding methods of composition

and. for those who enjoy a little bafflement.
there are sequence near the break beats
where the dialogue is not english.
but agf intentionally does not use subtitles.

its about to find the artistic match
and the struggle to find it in an
only truly human element

the great irony of this piece
which is (at least on one level)
about the power of communication
is that the words are of secondary importance
to the overwhelming sonic presentation.

in the final analysis
DOMP has much more to listen to
than it has to say

original recordings
made in tunesia 2001