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work: Beatnadel available as CD, digital

artist: AGF aka Antye Greie

label: AGF Producktion 016

release: October 2011

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Beatnadel (Beat Needle) is a piercing sonic outburst of razor-edged beats and pilot vocal art. AGF aka Antye Greie is a rare combination of a composer/ producer and vocalist. This is digital songwriting with beat structures and penetrating sound sculptures to inspire the mind. The tracks have been constructed out of large self-designed sample banks, voice, bass, synthesized sounds and discerning effect treatments. The music is sequenced to a large extend and holds an aggressive undertone compared to her recent works. AGF has cut out original tracks with surprise narrative and breathtaking precision in editing and sculpturing the sound. Deconstructed poetry, aggressive beat patterns, tender song writing, drone parts, full frequency spectrum.

"I have the gut intuition that music, as this vast terrain of human activity and inheritance of our species, will provide us with clues to our future survival, and that is a responsibility worth pursuing" David Dunn, The Book of Music & Nature

"If I could send snow sculpture kisses, like miniature data in space- we would meet air light years away" AGF 2010

"He says, the one who is not afraid is anyway cheerful and does not need to sing" Janosch in "Kleiner Hase, Grosser Held"


1. Sedaktiv

2. Beatnadeln listen snippet

3. Stoerung

4. Extimicy

5. Massaker

6. Restless Heart listen snippet

7. Letterism

8. Rooster Beats listen snippet

9. Lingu-tik feat. Noam Chomsky listen snippet

10.The More The Better, Less Is More

11. Foggy

12. No Harm listen snippet

13. Organizing Pieces

14. Source Voice

15. Ontext

16. My Delay

"It's not a question of time, it's that people today lack a certain frame of mind. Time is no excuse, your time should be spent on self-improvement, there's no better way to spent your time." Ai Wei Wei in his blog"


my restless heart

is holding still

if you will

you come close

and touch it

its just a muscle

you can train it

just like your biceps

pump it

pump it up