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if the score is a potential of what can happen, a future possibility, then applied to the mycelium score in reference to @RadMycology suggests to think about sound as GROWING, initiating connections, growing into decentralized networks

in progress: intersectional trans-corporeal-feminist #sonicwilderness is a collaborative practice that leads musicians, artists, thinkers and interested outside, to engage physically and sonically with the environment and public space through listening, interacting, playing the field, by exploring sonic realities with a socio-political critical lense.

These interventions are inspired by Radical Mycology, a grassroots movement that examines network organization by looking at the decentralized growth and resilience of mycelial networks and Stacy Alaimo s feminist book: Bodily Natures: Science, Environment, and the Material Self, which suggests: trans-corporeality as a way to view the relationship between humanity and the world around us as fluid

a line of women in the rice field, sonifying the mathematics of labour, rows, mud and space

making music is labor

TEXT SCORE : Find a Mosque with a Soundsystem

before proceeding, here are some things you need:
a stop watch
modest clothes

- find a mosque with a soundsystem
- collect 4 girls or women
- wear modest clothes
- clean your body
- enter the mosque
- cover yourself with a veil
- find the sound system
- switch on the amplifier
- make a circle around the microphone
- set and start the stopwatch
- count to 10
- close your eyes
- start humming gently
- hum, breath, hum, breath etc
- continue calmly no matter what happens
- finish after 3 minutes
- switch of the sound system
- leave quietly

written and performed together as a team at nusasonic performance


Asa Rahmana: maker, composer, mover, multi media producer, educator
Ayu Saraswati: electronic composer, performer, keyboardist
Joee and I: electronic music producer, performer and media artist
Menstrual Synthdrone: noise maker, performer, shouter
Sarana: all women noise band, noisebombing, electro-acoustic improvisation
Teenage Granny is Alyana Cabral: electronic & analog musician, song writer, maker
Utami Atasia Ishii: artist
Abiyya Ladangku: poet, songwriter, artist
Antye Greie (AGF): poemproducer

a sonic mediation, listening exercise, sonification process: treeing inspired by Nnedi, Binti and Finnish artist Mari Keski-Korsu 's tree-oxygen breathing - we been meditating on frequencies (a practice I propose for sonic treeing) the sound of the voicing is taken from a humming exercise of the same crew earlier the same day in the lighthouse, Indonesia


calm but sonically wild

scream exercise

#sonicwilderness school intervention

on tolerance, sonic intervention on the chinese cementry, a spacious grave

networking Feminist networks - organize ! organize ! organize !

listening offering to the Javanese Goddess of the Sea Nyai Roro Kidul

live presentation of our interventions

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CTM Festival
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