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poemproducer AGF identified: as a musician. writer. producer: re-ordering the left overs of e-poetry. a work in progress.

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Hai Art Inclusion of complexity
niemand ruft noch deinen namen LAUB

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This project is part of SIAF 2014. The Sound Poem Sapporo is a site-specific interactive composition and it requires smart phones (iOS, Android) and the users presence in the Chi-Ka-Ho tunnel. SOUND POEM SAPPORO consists of field recordings of the Sapporo city and the rural Ainu Museum Porotokotan which AGF visted and phonographed in March 2014.

Greie und Huber worked on this piano based album where lyrical content is largely abstract and evolves around philosophical distance and observation of humanity. Ausweg @poemproducer

Greie & Huber: Ausweg!