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OUT PUT. put put.

Discography of AGF aka Antye Greie-Ripatti

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AGF, SOLIDICITY,2017, digital, streaming
AGF, UNITY XEN, 2016, digital
AGF, GREIM EP, 2016, digital
AGF, Kon:3p>UTION to: e[VOL]ution, 2016, AGF Producktion, CD
AGF & Various, A Deep Mysterious Tone, 2015, AGF Producktion, CD Book
A-symmetry, A-symmetry: I Am Life, 2014, AGF Producktion, CD
Greie & Huber, Ausweg, 2014, AGF Producktion, digital
AGF & Various, Kuuntele, 2013, AGF Producktion, CD Book
AGF, Source Voice, 2013, LINE Label, CD
AGF, Beatnadel, 2011, AGF Producktion, CD
AGF, Gedichterbe, 2011, AGF Producktion, CD Book
AGF & Craig Armstrong, Orlando, 2011, AGF Producktion, CD
AGF, Filter, 2010, AGF Producktion, Mp3
Greie Gut Fraktion, Baustelle, Monika Enterprise, CD
AGF, Einzelkaempfer, 2009, AGF PRODUCKTION, CD
AGF/DELAY, Symptoms, 2009, P-Vine and Bptich Control, CD
AGF, Dance Floor Drachen, 2008, AGF Producktion digital
AGF, Words Are Missing, 2008, AGF Producktion, CD
LAUB, Deinetwegen, 04/2007, AGF Producktion, CD
Zavoloka & AGF, Nature Never Produces the Same Beat Twice, 1/2006, Nexsound, CD, 04/2006, AGF Producktion, CD/ DVD
AGF.3 & Sue.C, Mini Movies, 02/2006, Asphodel, CD
The Dolls, The Dolls, 2005, Huume Recordings, CD
AGF/DELAY, Explode, 02/2005, AGF Producktion, CD
The Lappetites, Before The Libretto, 10/2005, Quecksilber, CD
AGF, Language Is The Most, 2004, Quecksilber, CD
AGF, Westernization Completed, 11/2003, Orthlong Musork, CD, 06/2004, AGF Producktion, CD
LAUB, Filesharing, 02/2002, Kitty-Yo, CD
AGF, Head Slash Bauch, 01/2002, Orthlong Musork, CD/LP
LAUB, Intuition Remixes, 09/1999, Kitty-Yo, CD
LAUB, Unter anderen Bedingungen als Liebe, 05/1999, CD
Tritop, Rosenwinkel, 1998, infracom, CD/LP
LAUB, Kopflastig, 09/1997, Kitty-Yo, CD
LAUB, Miniversum, 1997, Kitty-Yo, CDS

AGF produced records for Quio, Ellen Allien (Sool), Damero and others.