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I try to fly less. love more. stay remote
but i still sing for you. sometimes silently
with rubber boots, pitch confusion, audio devices
kicking chaos on personal beats

lately I sing with strangers a lot

2020-Oct-6, online, Facing Extinction; Conference @nodeforum
2021-April, MALTA, premier w Segiu Matis
202?-May-11, IT, Milano, INNER_SPACES #10 {limbo due to coronavirus}
2021-31July-14Aug, DE, Darmstadt Summer Course, curation
2021-Nov-13, NTH, Utrecht, Le Guess Who?


2020-Oct-1, AUT, Innsbruck, Heart of Noise visuals for Vladislav Delay
2020-Sep-11, AUT, Linz, Ars Electronica "Grosse Konzertnacht" remote participation
2020-March-12, CH, Basel, #NOISEGATE
2020-March-9, FI, Helsinki #soundasgrowing Sibelius Uni

2019-Dec-3-7, GR, Athens, research trip for #arachnesound
2019-Nov-10, CZ, Prague, workshop @ ZVUK Synth Library Prague
2019-Nov-9, SK, Bratislava, LOM space, performative lecture
2019-Nov-8, CZ, Brno, PRAHA Fórum pro architekturu a média
2019-Nov-7, DE, Köln, KHM soundings AGF performative lecture
2019-Oct-9, POL, Krakow, AGF solidarity panel
2019-Oct-11, POL, Krakow, visuals for Vladislav Delay @ UNSOUND
2019-Sept-20/21, DE, Berlin, AGF residency & concerts Blind Signal
2019-Sep-8, AU, Linz, AGF processing Bruckner Orchester @ ARS ELECTRONICA
2019-Sep-5, AU, Linz, visuals for Vladislav Delay @ ARS ELECTRONICA
2019-Aug-30, DE, Berlin, visuals for Vladislav Delay @ ATONAL
2019-July 14, DE, Berlin, AGF & Lappetites Heroines of Sound
2019-June-25-27, FI, Helsinki, SOLU sound apps workshop SOLU w Bioart Society
2019-May-16, Poland, Wrozlaw, WRO19 AGF live
2019-April-20-30, VIETNAM, Hanoi, Blind Signal
2019-April-22, VIETNAM, Hanoi, AGF solo show
2019-April-27, VIETNAM, Hanoi, group show
2019-March-29 FI, Helsinki AGF w CellF by Guy Ben-Ary
2019-Feb-8 UK, Sheffield, AGF live & talk SONA UNPEELED
performances 8/9/10 Feb @radialsystem Berlin
2019-Feb-4-7 DE, Berlin, HOPELESS rehearsals w Sergiu Matis

2018-4-13 October, workshop, show, talk #NUSASONIC Indonesia
2018-16-23 Sept, FI, Kilpisjärvi, FieldNotes w Bioartsociety
2018-1 September, UK, Cambridge, Wysing Art Center
2018-16-19 July, GER, Darmstadt, Ferienkurse für Neue Musik
2018-23 June, US, New York, N0l0 1pm !!! AGF
2018-18-22 June, US, Bard College, lecture & workshop
2018 1 June, GR, Ancient Messene, Tuned City
2018-26-28 May, LAT, Liepaja, Pixelache #sonicwilderness workshop
2018-11 May, UK, London, AGF at Barbican Center
2018-12 April, GER, Berlin w Lappetites Kontraklang
2018 March, Portugal, Braga, opening a/v NANO exhibition
2018-17 March, UK, Leeds, Sounds Like THIS Electric Saturday
2018-15-16 March, GER, Berlin, Cadavre exquis Konzerthaus
2018-30 Jan, GER, Berlin, AGF Berghain @CTM
2018-31 Jan, GER, Berlin, TALK @CTM on MYCELIUM

2017 28 Nov-5 Dec Portugal, Braga, research at Nanotechnology research center @INLnano
2017-9 Nov, Finland, Helsinki, Uniarts, AGF performance
2017-5 Nov, Germany, Berlin, Galerie im Körnerpark #unlisteningwhitefeminism
2017-3-6 Oct, Romania, Bucharest, Odd Nights Project, AGF show
2017-5-7 Sep, Finland, Hyytiälä, workshop
2017-17 Aug, Finland, Oulu, Taidemuseo
2017-Jun-Jul 17-9, DE, Berlin, #documenta14 radio radio @SavvyArtSpace
2017-Jun-1, WORLD, near the distance 3 - remote concert
2017-April 19-23, Serbia, Belgrade, ReSONATE Festival
2017-Apr 6-9, Austria, Linz, digital music & sound art Jury for PRIX ARS
2017-Apr 7, Radio premiere 'Radical Mycology' Ursendung Deutschlandradio Kultur
2017-Apr 5, Austria, Linz, Lecture at Kunst Universitšt Linz
2017-April 1, NL, The Hague, ReWIRE Festival w Kubra Khademi
2017-Feb-22-26, RU, Moscow, research visit @ GEOMETRY OF NOW

2016-Nov-23-24, FI, Helsinki, Volume II Symposium on Sound Art in Aalto University
2016-Oct-24-30, FI, Kuopio, ANTI Festival residence
2016-Oct-22, SE, Stockholm, Fylkingen w Drömfakulten
2016-Oct-17-18, SUI, Geneva, CERN visiting artist
2016-Oct-14, DE, Berlin, ON VIOLENCE AGF 3hd Festival @HAU
2016-Oct-14, DE, Berlin, 3hd Festival panel sound & protest
2016-Oct-12, FRA, Pau, Digital Art Festival #AGF
2016-Oct-4, IT, Florence, Tempo Reale #AGF
2016-Sep-28-1, POR, #SOCCOS partner meeting BINAURAL NODAR
2016-Sep-12, AU, Linz, sound art panel Music Monday
2016-Sep-8-11, AU, Linz, Ars Electronica Sonic Wildness feat USOMO exhibition
2016-Aug-22-28, FI, Hailuoto, #SOCCOS micro-residence Sonic Wild{er}ness
2016-Aug-14, FI, Helsinki, FLOW fest w/ #Ripatti visuals
2016-July-4-8, DE, Meschede, iPad Orchestra workshops
2016-June-29, DE, Berlin, DJset HAU/WAU pre-3HD Festival
2016-June-22, FR, Instants Chavirés - Montreuil, VENIN-2
2016-June-9, DE, Berlin, panel sound & activism w DAAD Berlin
2016-May-27, GEO, Batumi, Unsound Festival w/ TBA
2016-May-17, SP, Barcelona, Livesoundtracks #AGF
2016-April-26, UK, London, Lecture @ Goldsmiths London University
2016-April-25, UK, London, tutoring Goldsmiths London University
2016-April-23, UK, Bradford, FUSE #AGF a/v live
2016-April-23, UK, Ulverston, Octopus Collective
2016-April-22, UK, Lancaster, presentation @ WISWOS
2016-April-21, UK, London, Amersham Arms EAVI Nights series #AGF live
2016-April-21, UK, London, lecture @ LCC
2016-April-2, FI, Helsinki, a/v DJset @Vanya IHME Festival
2016-March-16-19, FI, Hailuoto, #SOCCOS meeting
2016-Feb-19/20, FI, Helsinki, education with APPs workshop
2016-Feb-06,DE, Berlin, CTM Festival presents female:pressure #Rojava 1.30pm
2016-Feb-04, DE, Berlin, CTM Festival Collaborative Networks #SOCCOS 2pm-6pm
2016-Feb-03, DE, Berlin, CTM Festival Berghain #AGF DJ set
2016-Feb-02, DE, Berlin, "Dialogues"@ dBs dBs Music school Berlin 6.30pm
2016-Jan-31, DE, Berlin, Interculturality in Sound Art, panel CTM Festival 4pm

2015-Dec-11, FR, Paris, #AGF Radio France & Foundation Louis Vuitton
2015-Dec-7-10, POL, Warsaw, #SOCCOS partner meeting
2015-Nov-28, FIN, Helsinki, SOLA #AGF
2015-Nov-12-20, JP, 'ghosting' Kinosaki International Arts Center
2015-Nov-1, DE, Berlin, AGF @ Loop MAX CONNECT #AGF Performance
2015-Nov-1, DE, Berlin, AGF Sounds Outside Introduction To Field Recording
2015-Oct-31,DE, Berlin, Loop #AGF show Radialsystem
2015-Oct-8, BE, Brussels, Q-O2 Festival "The Other Self" #voicehack
2015-Oct-1-2, DE, Berlin, CTM meeting #curation
2015-Sep-14-20, FIN, Kilpisjarvi, Field Notes - Hybrid Matters
2015-Aug-30-Sep-6, FI, Hailuoto, Micro-residency Hai Art #curation
2015-Aug-14/15, FI, Turku, presentation Saari Residence
2015-Jul-18, UK, London, workshop @cafeoto
2015-Jul-18, UK, London, Cafe Oto #AGF
2015-Jul-12, GER, Berlin, Heroines Of Sound Radialsystem #AGF
2015-Jun-25, A, Vienna, net art 2015 #AGF via Prague
2015-Jun-16-20, DE, Berlin, #SOCCOS meeting
2015-Jun-13, POL, Katowice, Ars Cameralis #AGF
2015-Jun-11, GER, Berlin, Berghain w/ Holly Herndon
2015-May-9, EST, Tartu, #AGF Paranoia.ee poetry book

2014-Nov-17-20, Belgium, Brussels, Sound research partner meeting SOCCOS
2014-Nov-7, Sweden, Stockholm, live THE LAPPETITES
2014-Sep-19, USA, Underground Producer Alliance workshop
2014-Sep-5, DE, Berlin, Berlin Music Week workshop
2014-Sep-6, DE, UM Festival Uckermarck
2014-July-18, JAP, Sapporo, Sound Poem Sapporo Opening SIAF 2014
2014-Jul 5, Russia, Moscow, visuals for DELAY/RIPATTI @Arma17
2014-Jun 12, DE, Berlin, @Berghain Heroines Of Sound Festival
2014-Jun 19, DE, Berlin, Supermarkt Field workshop
2014-Jun 6, DE, Signalraum München, a/v show
2014-Jun 7, DE, Bayrischer Rundfunk 'Nachtmusik'live
2014-May 13, US, @dubspot NY
2014-May 17, US, Washington, Sound Scene DC Listening Lounge
2014-March 15-18, JAP, SIAF research
2014-Feb 5-8, FIN, Pori Art Museum "Sound Map Hailuoto"
2014-Jan 25, Netherlands, IFFR Rotterdam visuals for DELAY/RIPATTI

2013-Nov 21, SLO, Lubljana visuals for DELAY/RIPATTI
2013-Sep 14, Russia, Moscow, visuals for DELAY/RIPATTI @Arma17
2013-Jul 5, Swiss, Bern, AGF@Lange Nacht der Musik
2013-Jun 17-22, ITA, Alberobello "Barsento Mediascape"
2013-Feb 17, JAP, Tokyo, ipad workshop
2013-Feb 14, JAP, Yokohama, AGF Gedichterbe
2013-Jan 18, NOR, Oslo, AGF @ Her Noise Symposium

2012-Dec 5, FIN, Helsinki, Art Univ. Hai Art talk
2012-Nov 9, AUT, Wels, with THE LAPPETITES
2012-Oct 6 SP, Gijon w/ SUE.C
2012-Oct 4 POR, Braga w/ Vladislav Delay
2012-Sep 26 EST, Tallin, AGF Voice workshop
2012-Sep 26 EST, Tallin, AGF Voice workshop
2012-Aug 31 ITA, Avellino, Flussi Festival AGF
2012-Jun 15 GER, Berlin, AGF show @Ausreihe EMC06
2012-Jun 17 GER, Frankfurt/M, AGF show, soon more
2012-Jun 18 GER, Trossingen, Lecture
2012-May 9,10 FIN, Helsinki, New Circus w/ Agit Cirk
2012-April 19-22 AUS, Linz, Ars Electronica, Jury Digital Music
2012-April 12 USA, SUE.C & AGF @ EMPAC with SUE.C
2012-March 31 FRA, Paris, AGF Beatnadel @ Festival Presence
2012-Mar 22 CAN, Vancouver, with THE LAPPETITES
2012-Feb 9/10 SPAIN, Vigo with SUE.C

2011-Dec-13-16 FRA, 4 performances, Espace Gantner w/Annie Abrahams
2011-Dec-8 GER, Hamburg, AGF solo ePhil
2011-Dec-4 World, [l58}, online performance for Annie Abrahams
2011-Oct-28 GER, Berlin, HKW, Sound Studies 6pm
2011-October JAP, Tokyo, MOT - Content, Exhibition AGF/Delay
2011-Oct-7 JAP, Kyoto, Metro, AGF, Raster Noton Showcase
2011-Oct-9 JAP, Tokyo, Womb, AGF, Raster Noton Showcase
2011-Oct-10 JAP, Tokyo ICC, "New Future" Panel
2011-Oct-5 JAP, Osaka, Sunsui, AGF, Raster Noton Showcase
2011-Oct-3 JAP, Tokyo, Department of Communication Studies at TKU, Tokyo Keizai University
2011-Sep-29 JAP, Tokyo, Musashino Art University 4pm
2011-Sep-23 UK, Glasgow, CRAIG ARMSTRONG
2011-Aug-1-6 UK, Barrow, Piel Island, FON Festival
2011-July-30 FIN, Hailuoto, C, performance
2011-July-4-8 FIN, Hailuoto, Work with Agit Cirk
2011-Jun-14 UK London, Christ Church Spitalfields, THE LAPPETITES
2011-May-31-Jun-6 FIN, Kilpisjarvi, Artist in Residency
2011-May-20 Swiss, Bern Greie Gut Fraktion
2011-May-21 Swiss, Geneva, Mapping Festival, Greie Gut Fraktion
2011-Feb-25 SI, Maribor, MED Festival, Kibla Multimedia
2011-Feb-24 SI, Ljubljana, Channel Zero, Metelkova City

2010-Nov-18-20 SPAIN, Murcia, Radio 3 Jury
2010-Nov-7 UK, Glasgow, Hang Up Club AGF/DELAY
2010-Nov-2-6 UK, Glasgow, Tramway Orlando CD
2010-Oct-22, Ger, Berlin, Volksbuehne Greie Gut Fraktion
2010-Oct-14 FI, Helsinki, Espoo Orlando CD
2010-Oct-15 FI, Helsinki, Espoo Orlando CD
2010-Oct-16 FI, Helsinki, Espoo Orlando CD
2010-Oct-9 AT, Graz, Steirischer Herbst Greie Gut Fraktion
2010-Oct-6 IT, Milan, Teatro Puccini Live Video Ensemble
2010-Oct-2 UK, Edinburgh, Traverse Orlando CD
2010-Oct-1 UK, Edinburgh, Traverse Orlando CD
2010-Sept-30 UK, Edinburgh, Traverse, Premiere Orlando CD
2010-Sept-16 UK, Glasgow, Orlando CD rehearsals
2010-Sept-4 LAT, Riga, White Nights, AGF
2010-Sept-3 AU, Linz, Ars Electronica, AGF Klangraum
2010-Sept-3 AU, Linz, Ars Electronica, AGF Fassaden Festival
2010-Aug 25-29 UK, Lake District Residency, FON Festival
2010-Aug 5-15 UK, Wigan, A Meeting Is A Meeting Is A Meeting
2010-Jun-23 UK, Edinburgh, AGF solo Inspace
2010-Jun 20-25 UK, Glasgow, preparation Orlando CD
2010-Jun14 Swiss, Basel, Art Basel, Greie Gut Fraktion
2010-Jun-5 Sweden, Uppsala, AGF solo
2010-Apr-23 UK, London, South Bank Greie Gut Fraktion
2010-Apr-20-22 USA, NYC, MATA Festival, Exhibition
2010-Mar-20 Germany, Berlin, Maria Greie Gut Fraktion
2010-Feb-12 Internet, Collective Performance / Annie Abrahams
2010-Jan-18-22 UK, Glasgow, Rehearsals for Orlando CD
2010-Jan-17 Germany, Karlsruhe ZKM, Art´s Birthday 2010

2009-Nov-25 Germany, Berlin THE LAPPETITES
2009-Nov-21 Belgium, Brussels, Cimatics Festival
2009-Nov-20 UK, London, ICA
2009-Oct-30 Serbia, Belgrade, Dis-patch AGF/DELAY
2009-Oct-17 Italy, Florence AGF/DELAY
2009-Oct-2 Austria, Vienna, AGF remixes Haydn
2009-Sep-26 Austria, Krems THE LAPPETITES
2009-Sep-19 Denmark, Aalbourg, Downtown Snow
2009-Sep-18 Netherlands, Amsterdam; Paradiso
2009-Aug-15 Denmark, Copenhagen, Strom Festival w/ Gudrun Gut
2009-Aug-08 Germany, Berlin, Berghain, BPitch Anniversary AGF/DELAY
2009-Jul-31 Finland, Kuudes Linja AGF/DELAY
2009-Jul-26 Czech, with THX 1138 Film School Summer Camp Prague
2009-Jul-23 Spain, Caceres, Ciclo de Creación Electrónica AGF/DELAY
2009-Jun-21 Spain, Barcelona, Sonar Kids
2009-May-29 Italy, Modena, AGF/DELAY
2009-May-7-16 Finland, Performances with a Modern Dance Circus
2009-May-2 Spain, Gijon, L.E.V. Festival
2009-Apr-23 France, Toulouse, Empreintes Numériques
2009-Apr-22 France, Toulouse, La Cinémathèque
2009-Apr-18 Italy, Bari, Cine Festival with THX movie
2009-Mar-23-27 UK, London, Production Lapptites
2009-Mar-25 UK, London, Sprawl, Cafe OTO
2009-March-20 Turkey, Istanbul, Opening
2009-Jan-23 Italy, Bresia, Academy of Art

2008-Dec-2 Germany, Berlin, Maria w/ Lappetites
2008-Nov-28 Siauliai, Tarp Festival
2008-Nov-27 Vilnius, Satta Bar
2008-Nov-8 Poland, Torun, AGF/DELAY Centre of Contemporary Art
2008-Nov-7 Poland, Torun, AGF at Centre of Contemporary Art
2008-Nov-1 Spain, Barcelona, Live Soundtracks show THX 1138
2008-Okt-25 Ukraine, Lviv, Kvitnu Festival CANCELED
2008-Oct-14 -Nov-14th Dragon Exhibition at Soundmuseum Gallery
2008-Sep-20 Italy, Forli, w/ AGF/DELAY IPERCORPO Festival
2008-Sep-19 Italy, Bolzano, w/ AGF/DELAY Transart Festival
2008-Sep-16 Palma de Mallorca, Centre de Cultura "Sa Nostra"
2008-Aug-7 Berlin, Opening Femminismus in Popmusik
2008-Jul-26 Oulu, Q-Stock Festival
2008-Jul-19 Berlin, Auguststrasse 65, Exhibition w/ Erdbeerfeld
2008-Jul-9 Berlin, Akademie Der Kuenste e.poesie w/
2008-Jul-3 Berlin, Alexa for tuned city
2008-Jun-11 Moscow, Intern. Open Book Festival
2008-May-24 Milan Basilica di S. Eustorgio, AudioVisiva Festival
2008-May-3 Riga, Skanu Mezs w/Laub
2008-Mar-5 USA, New York, Monkeytown
2008-Feb-22 Poland, Poznan, Slodownia + 3
2008-Feb-08/09 Switzerland, Geneva, Festival Musiklautbild

2007-Nov-10 Spain, Barcelona, Auditorium of Caixaforum w/ Sue.C
2007-Oct-28 England, London, The Wire Magazine 25th Annivarsary w/ Laub
2007-Oct-20 Canada, Montreal, Metropolis HTMLES Festival
2007-Sep-28 Italy, Forli
2007-Sep-7 Sweden, Malmoe
2007-Jul-24 Greece, SYNC Festival
2007-Jul-7 Denmark, Roskilde Festival
2007-Apr-26 - Apr-29 Poland
2007-Apr-21 Croatia, Zagreb
2007-Apr-14 Netherlands, Eindhoven
2007-Feb-24 Estonia, Tartu

2006-Nov-3 - Nov-05 USA, New York, Brown University
2006-Oct-12 France, Rennes
2006-Sep-23 Italy, Milano, GAM Gallerate
2006-Aug-4 Italy, Napoly, Interferenze
2006-May-7 England, London, ICA, Lappetites
2006-Apr-11 - Apr-14 Swiss, Geneva, Mini Movies Workshop at
2006-Apr-4 Italy, Roverto, Museo di arte moderna e contemporanea di Trento e Rovereto
2006-Mar-31 Finland, Helsinki, Kiasma, AGF w/ Sue.C
2006-Mar-27 Czech Republic, Prague, AGF w/ Sue.C
2006-Mar-17 Italy, Pisa, Cascina at Città del Teatro w/ Vladislav Delay
2006-Mar-11 France, Paris, GRM Festival
2006-Feb-25 Netherlands, Amsterdam, Paradiso, AGF w/ Sue.C
2006-Feb-24 Belgium, Gent, AGF w/ Sue.C
2006-Feb-17 Italy, Turino, Label Mag Anniversary w/ Vladislav Delay
2006-Jan-10 Germany, Berlin, M12 Gallery w/ Moblab

2005-Dec-2 Switzerland, Lausanne, w/ Zavoloka and TBA
2005-Nov-27 Belgium, Bruessels, AGF Show
2005-Nov-24 England, Huddersfield, w/ Sue.C
2005-Nov-12 Japan, Tokyo, Lush Shibuya
2005-Nov-11 Japan, Tokyo, Club Module
2005-Nov-5 Japan, Yamaguchi, YCAM, w/ Moblab
2005-Nov-3 Japan, Osaka, Expo Park Osaka, w/ Moblab
2005-Oct-28 Japan, Sendai, Mediatheke, w/ Moblab
2005-Oct-23 Japan, Yokohama, Trienale, w/ Moblab
2005-Oct-21 Japan, Tokyo, Icc, w/ Moblab
2005-Oct-18 Japan, Ogaki, Iamas w/ Moblab
2005-Oct-11 China, Hongkong, a Cellar
2005-Sep-16 France, Paris, Pompidou Centre, AGF w/ Vladislav Delay
2005-Jul-28 Sweden, Stockholm, Norberg Festival
2005-Jul-24 Germany, Stralsund, Garage Festival
2005-Jul-10 France, Toulouse, Les Siestes électroniques AGF w/ Vladislav Delay
2005-Jul-8 France, Besançon, Arc et Senas, Festival Elektrophonie
2005-Jun-5 Portugal, Porto, w/ Craig Armstrong
2005-May-17 Portugal, Lisbon, AGF w/ Vladislav Delay
2005-Apr-1 Netherlands, Amsterdam, De Appel
2005-Mar-31 Netherlands, Utrecht
2005-Mar-5 Belgium, Hasselt, Kunstencentrum Belgie, AGF w/Zavoloka
2005-Mar-4 Belgium, Hasselt, Kunstencentrum Belgie, AGF
2005-Feb-24 Greece, Athens
2005-Feb-3-16 USA, San Fransisco, Compound Residency
2005-Feb-5 USA, San Fransico, Art University
2005-Feb-1 USA, New York, Carnegie Hall w/ Craig Armstrong
2005-Jan-28 USA, Sundance Festival w/ Craig Armstrong
2005-Jan-19 Swiss, Bern, Ton Art, Schweizer Landesbibliothek

2004-Dec-19 Mexico, Mexico City
2004-Nov-11 Italy, Turin, Cafe' Procope, Teatro, Juvarra
2004-Nov-9 Denmark, Aarhus, Lyd+Litteratur, Ridehuset
2004-Nov-6 France, Langogne, AGF solo w/ Kaffe Mathews
2004-Oct-22 Germany, Berlin, Kulturbrauerei
2004-Oct-21 Czech Republic, Prague, Roxy NoD
2004-Sept-24 Portugal, Funchal, Madeira Offshore Festival, AGF
2004-Sept-12 Italy, Milan, Milano Film Festival AudioVisiva, AGF w/ Sue.C
2004-Sept-10 Netherlands, Rotterdam, AGF w/ Sue.C
2004-Sept-9 Netherlands, Rotterdam, Exhibition, Explode Baby
2004-Sept-5 Austria, Linz, ARS Electronica, DIGITAL MUSIC AWARD CONCERT w/ Sue.C and Craig Armstrong
2004-July-August, writing Explode w/ AGF/DELAY in woods
2004-Jun-30 Luxembourg, Fondation Musée d'Art Moderne
2004-Jun-5 France, Paris, Le Triptyque
2004-May-29 Portugal, Porto, Serralves Auditorium w/ Pedro Tudela
2004-May-28 Portugal, Lisbon, ZBD
2004-May-20 Spain, Barcelona, Pocket Club
2004-May-19 Germany, Berlin, WMF Sommerlager
2004-Apr-28 UK, Glasgow, w/ Craig Armstrong
2004-Apr-16 Canada, Montreal, SAT w/ Sue.C
2004-Apr-16 USA, Baltimore, Once.Twice Festival w/ Sue.C
2004-Apr-10 USA, NY, Brooklyn, Monkeytown w/ Sue.C
2004-Apr-4-8 USA, San Fransisco, Residency at Compound
2004-Apr-3 USA, San Fransisco, Compound w/ Sue.C
2004-Apr-1 - 24 USA Tour with Sue.C
2004-Mar-17 Italy, Rome, Teatro Palladium
2004-Mar-18 Italy, Faenza, Clandestino
2004-Mar-19 Italy, Monza-Milano,
2004-Mar-20 Italy, Pescara,
2004-Feb-5-11 Germany, Berlin, Lappetites Album Production
2004-Feb-1 Germany, Berlin, Club Transmediale, Maria am Ufer
2004-Jan-31 Belgium, Hasselt, Kunstencentrum BELGIE
2004-Jan-29 France, Paris, PROJECT 101, AGF performing with the movie UNDO
2004-Jan-25 France, Paris, Capitales Sonores AGF Show
2004_Jan-24 France, Paris, Capitales Sonores w/ Lappetites
2004-Jan-22,23 France, Paris, CCMIX Studio Residency w/ Lappetites,
2004-Jan-21 UK, London, Spitz w/ Lappetites
2004-Jan-18 Netherlands, Utrecht, Muziekcentrum Vredenburg / De Slapeloze Nacht w/ Sue.C
2004-Jan-16 Germany. Stuttgart, 17. Stuttgarter Filmwinter - Festival for Expanded Media

2003-Dec-20 Germany, Dresden, Scheune
2003-Dec-6 France, Paris, Le Triptyque
2003-Nov-1 Germany, Berlin, Symposium Sound Studies
2003-Oct-27 Berlin, recording with Craig Armstrong for THE DOLLS and Piano Works
2003-Oct-26 Ireland, Dublin, Ear Sugar Festival
2003-Oct-25 Portugal, Lisbon, Numero Festival w/ Laub
2003-Oct-23 Serbia, Belgrade, Dis-Patch
2003-Oct-22 Croatia, Zagreb,
2003-Sep-9 Austria, Linz, Opening Klangpark Ars Electronica
2003-Aug-14 UK, Bristol, Ladyfest
2003-Aug-10 Germany, Stralsund, Garage, Cooking Concert
2003-Sep-24 Hungary, Budapest,
2003-June-9 Canada, Montreal, Mutek
2003-May-28 Netherlands, Utrecht, Her Noise Festival a/d Werf
2003 May-10 Argentina, Buenos Aires, Niceto Club w/ Laub
2003-May-6 Brazil, Sao Paulo, Sesc Pompeia
2003-May-3/4, Brazil, Belo Horizonte, workshop / artist presentation
2003-May-1 Brazil, Belo Horizonte, Palacio des Artes w/ Laub
2003-May-1 Brazil, Belo Horizonte, Palacio des Artes AGF
2003-Apr-10-13 Austria, Linz, Jury Ars Electronica Digital Music
2003-Apr-6 Poland, Poznan, Blue Note w/ LAUB
2003-Apr-5 Poland, Krakow, Dom w/ LAUB
2003-Apr-4 Poland, Warsaw, Jazzgot w/ LAUB
2003-Apr-3 Poland, Wroclaw, 5 Nutek w/ LAUB
2003-Mar-13 UK, London, Sprawl w/ Lappetites
2003-Feb-28 Netherlands, Rotterdam, DEAF03
2003-Feb-21 Germany, Berlin, Volksbühne w/ Vladislav Delay

...missing here...
2002-Oct-4, Belgium, Antwerpen, Culture Centre Luchtbal
2002-sep-24, Germany, Hamburg, Strenesse Opening w/ Laub
2002-Sep-19, Belgium, Brussels, w/ Vladislav Delay
2002-Sep-18, Belgium, Brüssels,
2002-Sep-17, France, Paris, Grand Rex w/ Craig Armstrong
2002-Sep-2, France, Paris, Opera Champs Elysees w/ Craig Armstrong
...missing here...
2002-Jul-4th, France, Paris; Batofar
2002-Jun-27, Germany, Berlin, NBI, Musork Event
2002-Jun-1st, Canada, Montreal; Mutek Festival
2002-May-30, USA, New York, Fun
2002-May-25, USA, Detroit, DEMF
2002-May-24, USA, San Francisco, Beta Lounge
2002-May-23, USA, Los Angeles, Echo Lounge
2002-May-22, USA, Chicago, Empty Bottle
2002-Apr Europe, Laub Tour, 15 Dates
2002-Apr-7 Barbican Hall, London, Antye Greie w/ Craig Armstrong
2002- STEIM studio residency as part of Lappetites, Amsterdam
...missing here...

2001- USA, Chicago, Performances in Chicago at Empty Bottle, Rainbow Club.
In Detroit at The Detroit Contemporary.
In New York at Knitting Factory
2001- Netherlands, Amsterdam, Sonic Acts Festival
2001- Germany, Berlin, a/v Quelle Berlin w/ Pfandfinderei Mitte
2001-Feb-16 Germany, Berlin, Transmediale Opening, AGF/DELAY
2001 Germany, Berlin ARTIST IN RESIDENCE at Podewil
...missing here...

2000-Sep-23 USA, San Fransisco, Compound
2000-Jun-10 Spain, Barcelona, Sonar Festival, Berlin Klang Installation
...missing here...

2000 solo work and performances start

during the last century many tours including Festivals
with the electronic duo LAUB took place
mainly in Germany and in Europe booked by HEADQUARTER Entertainment