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OUT PUT. put put.

Discography of AGF aka Antye Greie-Ripatti

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AGF, poemproducer, 2023, bc, digital, streaming
AGF & Various, arachnesound, 2021, CD Book
AGF, commissioned work, 2019, digital, streaming
AGF & Various, DISSIDENTOVA, 2018, CD Book
AGF, SOLIDICITY, 2017, digital, streaming
AGF, Kon:3p>UTION to: e[VOL]ution, 2016, AGF Producktion, CD
AGF & Various, A Deep Mysterious Tone, 2015, AGF Producktion, CD Book
A-symmetry, A-symmetry: I Am Life, 2014, AGF Producktion, CD
Greie & Huber, Ausweg, 2014, AGF Producktion, digital
AGF & Various, Kuuntele, 2013, AGF Producktion, CD Book
AGF, Source Voice, 2013, LINE Label, CD
AGF, Beatnadel, 2011, AGF Producktion, CD
AGF, Gedichterbe, 2011, AGF Producktion, CD Book
AGF & Craig Armstrong, Orlando, 2011, AGF Producktion, CD
AGF, Filter, 2010, AGF Producktion, Mp3
Greie Gut Fraktion, Baustelle, Monika Enterprise, CD
AGF, Einzelkaempfer, 2009, AGF PRODUCKTION, CD
AGF/DELAY, Symptoms, 2009, P-Vine and Bptich Control, CD
AGF, Dance Floor Drachen, 2008, AGF Producktion digital
AGF, Words Are Missing, 2008, AGF Producktion, CD
LAUB, Deinetwegen, 04/2007, AGF Producktion, CD
Zavoloka & AGF, Nature Never Produces the Same Beat Twice, 1/2006, Nexsound, CD, 04/2006, AGF Producktion, CD/ DVD
AGF.3 & Sue.C, Mini Movies, 02/2006, Asphodel, CD
The Dolls, The Dolls, 2005, Huume Recordings, CD
AGF/DELAY, Explode, 02/2005, AGF Producktion, CD
The Lappetites, Before The Libretto, 10/2005, Quecksilber, CD
AGF, Language Is The Most, 2004, Quecksilber, CD
AGF, Westernization Completed, 11/2003, Orthlong Musork, CD, 06/2004, AGF Producktion, CD
LAUB, Filesharing, 02/2002, Kitty-Yo, CD
AGF, Head Slash Bauch, 01/2002, Orthlong Musork, CD/LP
LAUB, Intuition Remixes, 09/1999, Kitty-Yo, CD
LAUB, Unter anderen Bedingungen als Liebe, 05/1999, CD
Tritop, Rosenwinkel, 1998, infracom, CD/LP
LAUB, Kopflastig, 09/1997, Kitty-Yo, CD
LAUB, Miniversum, 1997, Kitty-Yo, CDS

AGF produced records for Quio, Ellen Allien (Sool), Damero and others.


AGF, uttu EP, 2023, EP, Bandcamp
AGF, abundANTIA EP, 2022, EP, Bandcamp
AGF, GaiA EP, 2021, EP, Bandcamp
AGF, IX-ccc-hel EP, 2020, EP, Bandcamp
AGF, soliDARITY EP, 2018, AGF Producktion, Bandcamp only
AGF, Solid EP, 2018, AGF Producktion, digital
AGF, DISoriented MINDsets, AGF Producktion, Bandcamp only
AGF, DRONE theories, 2017, AGF Producktion, Bandcamp only
AGF, Sleepless In Indonesia, AGF Producktion, Bandcamp only
AGF, VENIN TAPE - AGF {lõve}, AGF Producktion, tape on Bandcamp
AGF, UNITY XEN, 2016, AGF Producktion, digital EP
AGF, GREIM EP, 2016, AGF Producktion, digital
AGF, The Self / The Other, AGF Producktion, digital
AGF, >if*true~time[x]1+2=you.\<, 2016, AGF Producktion, digital EP
AGF & Tujiko Nuriko, I AM: NEW WOMAN, AGF Producktion, digital EP
Quio, Gazon Gasolina / So Dazed, 05/2004, AGF Producktion, 12"
AGF, DOMP, 05/2004, Stichting Mixer, 3" CDS
Tritop, Reume/ Kai, 1998, Infracom, 12"
LAUB, Fileshaving, 07/2002, Kitty-Yo, 12"
AGF & Kyborg, Konstant Variable 1, 11/2001, Neue Berliner Initiative, 12"
LAUB & Mathias SchaffhÅ user, Mofa, 02/2001, Ware, 12"
LAUB, 13.Stock, Interaktiver Dokumentarfilm, Verbrecher Verlag
LAUB, Gelbphase, 1999, Virgin Schallplatten, 12"
LAUB, Phoneheadslastig, 09/1998, Kitty-Yo, 12"