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MY PERSONAL VIEW ? does it mean anything ??? like a warming sign of the limitations which predetermine your life. how many decisions you really cause by yourself ? the illusion of personal expression?

I need an assistant! I need an assistant! I need an assistant! I need an assistant! I need an assistant! I need an assistant! I need an assistant! I need an assistant! I need an assistant! I need an assistant! I need an assistant! I need an assistant! I need an assistant!
the impact of the wall
Tritop is a band I played in the 90ies with. We released one record on Infracom! Label from Frankfurt / Germany. Recently we found old recordings and live footage, back in this time when i toured with Laub and this band I learned most of what I have to learn about audio engineering and live mixing and recording music instruments and deal or not deal with band issues. http://www.myspace.com/tritopmusic
may 2008 i move with family to north finland, on a small island called hailuoto. dislocation of techno. real silence in the ocean. only if a ferry arrives you hear a few cars passing by on a far away street. how will my music evolve, can it stand the distance to mainland europe and solitude in sand dunes? i take long walks and think of you
AGF in question: the questionnaire is based on the original "questionnaire of marcel proust", created by antoinette faure around 1890

kiyoshi maeda is a journalist and documentary maker from japan, i met him several times. he and his japanese film team entered my life in july 2006 in berlin heat and filmed me messy and talking about my work. please enjoy
a charcoal drawing by robert knoke of agf. after shooting a photo in prenzlauer berg autumn 2003. have i ever been that bare and sad ? its supposed to be part of an exhibition. more soon.
tonscherben. palast der republik. metal skeleton. no democrazy. 1250° celsius. if you ever want to look at somebodies soul. you have to ask for their dreams. 14 nelken aka pinks for karl marx
fanletters. they touch my heart. the words mean a lot to me. i wanne thank all my fans and soul mates out there. i have to publish these emotions. they should not get lost on an hard drive crash
i am trying to keep on westernizing: want to found a company. write a business plan. i find myself unconcentrated. finding reasons to escape into google machine filter business. would like to take a course in business economics. i watch INSIDER the movie and edit out some nice names for my new company
INFLUENCES: i feel i would like to write about the books and movies and exhibitions which influence me. my personal memory - maker. attitude control. i will change my mind. update. between 2 breaths.
this is a piece on snow. snow is missing. the sky seems like dirty snow. but he is not opening up. noi albinoi - an islandic movie. is a good expression of lots of snow. and the waste of potential life.
working with craig armstrong is a beautiful expierence and enriches my life. i learn about the history of electronic and classic music. he invited me and my boyfriend to the berliner philharmony. which he thinks is the best orchestra in the world. we are impressed. i liked a piece by ligeti most. some pictures !
where i come from - prefabricated large estates of eastern germany. the forefront of discussions on urban development. these constructions. built in almost all the large cities since the 1960s. were called DIE PLATTE. streets had no names. i spent 6 years of my life in block 953/15
THEY did'nt let me study. go to high scool in the GDR. even my father was communist. even i was a geek eager beaver. i wanted to study philosophy and medicine. i went to work gratis when i was 15 in locked ward of a psychiatric clinic to help people. to be good human. i was ambitiouse as hell. THEY wouldnt let me. I never checked my stasi file.
how can i trust you. far from being . as eating. defecating. being born. and dying. are drugs as valid or invalid as trust. where i come from deepest east germany
we used to grow up unfree.